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Our kids are in a mental health crisis, and it has to do with their phones. Author @jonathanhaidt lays out the facts in his new book #TheAnxiousGeneration: anxiousgeneration.com/book

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Are you worried about what phones are doing to our kids? Join the movement: anxiousgeneration.com #freetheanxiousgeneration
We all can play a part in rolling back the phone-based childhood and improving mental health for young people. Will you help #FreeTheAnxiousGeneration?
Join the movement: anxiousgeneration.com

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Our kids are in a mental health crisis: Rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide rose sharply in the 2010s. There’s much more we can do to roll back the phone-based childhood. @jonathanhaidt writes about this and much more in his book #TheAnxiousGeneration: anxiousgeneration.com
Are phones affecting your child’s wellbeing? The team behind #TheAnxiousGeneration is putting together resources and organizing communities to help. Join us: anxiousgeneration.com

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